Support management


Management , Security and Cost.




OREV - Enhances the organization security by...


  • Identifying unsecured computers, where security application are not installed or running

  • Identifying foreign penetration & Unauthorized access

  • Identifying potential information theft

  • Identifying user behavior anomalies

  • Identifying malicious processes

  • Tracking of infected Devices

  • Sends Malicious alerts Via Threat exchange

  • Intrusion Detection via online search of Application to determine the source of possible attacks on the corporate network.


OREV products reduces operational costs by... ​


  • Locating Servers or stations that can be removed due to low usage .

  • Identify defective stations before failing

  • Storage requirements responding to network demands reduces hardware purchases

  • Information about Software and Hardware usage optimizes purchasing management

  • Improved Hardware Planning and maintenance

  • Improved Software licensing purchases

Staged Management Actions...

Pro Active - Detection of specific behavioral changes of a profiled user , triggering actions for preventative measures

Current - Locating potential threats, triggering real time alerts for management action


Post Active - A diagnosis of a problem after its occurrence, helps in the prediction of a similar problem in the future