Orev security

 Online activities

  • Monitoring of software usage

  • Detection of unauthorized software

  • Mapping file usage for future analysis

  • Detection of scheduled programs

  • Mapping of shared folders

  • Detection remote access 

  • Comparison and enforcement of local Security Policies

  • Detection of foreign processes via open port

  • Detection of suspicions files

  • Sending Malicious alerts via threat exchange

  • Identifying malicious processes


USB activities


  • Detection of suspicions USB peripherals activities

  • Mapping USB activities as files are read or copied


Management Reports

  • Detection of suspicions and foreign process

  • Detection of suspicious activity, due to time of day.

  • Detection irregular process performance

  • Detection of parallel usage of same user

  • Enforcement of organizations policies for external browsing


Alerts activities

  • Monitoring USB usage

  • Detection first appearance of process

  • Detection of process Checksum changes

  • Detection of new Port Usage

  • Combining several data aspects into trends

  • Sends Malicious alerts via threat exchange