OREV deploys surveillance agents at all endpoints ( all IP addresses) , continuously records in detail all operational activities and profiles each IP - based on its activities. Data collected is then delivered to a Central Control server, the OREV Server, for analysis via the OREV AI Algorithms , generating a comprehensive network status report and alerts.


Any deviant process or activity of a specific IP location initiates a real time an alert directly to the CTO , the network Administrator or both.  Algorithms' report generation, audit trails and real time alerts, are essential management tools no competitor can match. OREV software provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of network operations from one source - all without any degradation of system performance.

OREV - Competitive Edge

The Competitive Landscape


  • The collection of vast amounts of relevant and accurate information in a timely manner from all IP elements in the network , provides solid basis for the analytics of present and future events , following Intelligence methodologies.

  • Powerful AI algorithms and intelligence inspired analytics of information collected, enables proactive and timely response to unexpected events including real time alerts and on-line inquiries


  • Powerful analytics leads to better decision making process by management in all aspects of network security, management and control.


  • OREV does not interfere or slow down network operations. No effect on computer system performance assuring business continuity.



  • The OREV software, is an all-in-one, unique, advanced, and innovative enterprise security, control and monitoring software. OREV  does not replace and does not compete with most existing enterprise security, monitoring, or system management products. Rather, OREV significantly extends the scope, depth, network's control, upgrades the security and provides AI level of operational analysis. As a result companies improve their business continuity, and the return on investments made in IT systems.



  • All End Point/User activities

  • Access (open, read, write, save, print, send) to classified data

  • Installation and removal of HW & SW

  • Use of external devices

  • Static and dynamic inventory changes

  • Connection of Smart-phones, laptops, Tablets

  • Execution of a new process (Trojan, Virus etc.)

  • Process behavior and traffic

  • HTTP activity analysis

  • Configurations changes

  • Green IT, Power management

  • DNS , matrix map, network printers (usage , profiles, and files printed )

  • Attempted Cyber intrusions and other security information

  • Tracking Procurement of network assets

  • Infrastructure technology mapping

  • Regulation and compliance conformance



The CTO and the Network Administrator want to be proactive and alerted in real time when a potential problem arises. Today, to cover all aspects of network operations they need to review a number of reports from a number of software vendors - a long process . Therefore, the daily task of securing and monitoring any network is difficult. Further, many of the software programs available today, are not efficient , slow down the network and none are comprehensive enough to give the CTO and the Network Administrator a single, centralized monitoring and security reporting facility.

OREV software , is the only efficient solution available today, that gives the CTO and the Administrator one focal point to assess all aspects of the network operational viability that guaranty Business Continuity.

OREV Vast Data Collection

The OREV Solution

​ Cyber Security - A Big Global Issue.

Global Cyber Security spending was approximately $60 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow at close to 10% every year over the next 3-5 years. The U.S. accounts for over half of the total. The next largest market is Japan and U.K. The private sector accounts for the majority of spending. The notable exception is the US where it equals private sector spending.

Customer Base

Current customers include government offices financial institutions and privet enterpise.


The OREV product is a natural B2B type product. However, going forward, to goal is to scale the organization by developing a sales force to continue the direct sales B2B method, as well as formulate other distribution channels – i.e. tap into large software providers in order to complement their portfolio suite of products.

OREV - Worldwide

OREV software has been available for the last five years in Israel and Brazil . It has played as a critical management and security tool in operating networks consisting of 1000 to 200000 IP addresses. Today OREV is operating also in the US , Australia, South Africa and expanding on demand.

MDR Concept

Managed detection and response services (MDR) allow organizations to add 24/7dedicated threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities via a turnkey approach.

OREV as MDR provides 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and

lightweight response services leveraging a combination of technologies deployed at the host and network layers, advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in

incident investigation and response.

Security and risk management leaders can use OREV as

MDR services for their environments.

SOC Support

A SOC provides centralized and consolidated cybersecurity incident prevention, security event monitoring, detection and response capabilities and supports other business unit requirements.


Larger organizations with complex use cases and widespread security operations are integrating traditional security operations with more comprehensive functions.


OREV supports security and risk management leaders for their organization, as well as supporting SOC coupled to business use cases, risks and outcomes.