About Us

THE TEAM - Founder and ABG's CEO , Michael Gamliel , has been the architect and designer of monitoring and security software for Intelligence and banking networks for over 30 years. Over the past decade Mr. Gamliel gathered the best network software talents in Israel, who have dedicated themselves to the creation of the most unique and powerful software called OREV. A.B.G. Computer Systems , Israel , employs 40 engineers , mathematicians and computer scientists all of whom have advanced degrees in their fields. The talented team has extensive experience in the monitoring and securing , surveillance and intelligence networks in a variety of enterprises.


A.B.G Computer Systems , has set a goal to be the leader in the IT Network Technology, Specifically in the Control , Monitoring and Security areas.


Our first proven product is OREV.



A.B.G. is a trend setter and brings innovation , unique vision and solution recognizing customer's present and future needs.