• Tamnun Green IT module enables the control of power consumption of organization's network and evaluate the power demand on a daily basis. The module assesses the issue from a number of aspects :


  • Power management by Profiling

Green it manager transposes in a simple way the enterprise activity policies and demands Into Green IT rules as Profiles. Each Agent in the end user machine will select the adequate profile regarding user Functionality and activity to handle the power management policy.

  • Power Management by Profiling


The Green IT manager, by profiling all supported end points can establish the power consumption demands and thereby define the network's power usage. With this information management can establish policies to minimize power consumption on the network.

  • Cost saving forecast capability

A monthly Saved Energy Report will reflect saved energy volumes per each Organization Unit on the network or for each end user machine .


  • Cost Savings report

A report reflecting cost saving as result of the power management enforcement for each of the Organization's Units on the network.