General Questions


OREV is a comprehensive, all-in-one, Management and Security Software System that enables the Network Administrator to quickly identify critical and other relevant events throughout the Network. OREV's algorithms analyze vast amounts of data collected from all IP addressed devices of the network. This analysis leads to a number of findings including : identifying security breaches, unauthorized access of files/systems, anomalies of a station operations, and presence of unauthorized equipment.

How long has OREV’s software been in development?


OREV has been in development for over 10 years.


How long hasOREV been used by customers?


OREV has been in large-scale banking operations for over 5 years.


Who are your major customers?


OREV has been operational at major companies and Banks in Brazil and Israel. There are also four pilot programs at major companies Australia. The largest deployment includes 200,000 endpoints and has been operational for 5 years without downtime. Due to confidentiality obligations we do not publicize our customer lists.


Who are your competitors?


Our competitors products focus on very specific issues of an enterprise. Examples include Crows Strike Falcon (security oriented) and Patrol BMC (servers only). OREV addresses all monitoring and security issues.


Why is OREV compelling if we have already invested heavily in other systems?



OREV  provides one comprehensive Security , Monitoring and Reporting system, covering all IT issues:

  • Deploys surveillance agents at all endpoints (IP addresses), including workstations, servers, printers, cameras, ATMs, mobile devices and more.

  • Continuously records detailed operational activities and profiles each IP.

  • Analyzes recorded data on a central control server for analysis via OREV algorithms, generating a comprehensive network status reports.

  • Identifies and alerts for deviant process or activity of a specific endpoint and provides an audit trail.

  • Enables comprehensive coverage without degrading system performance.

  • On demand real time inquiries, tracking and cyber-security detection within the organization.


With the Administrator's time and experience, scaling back duplicative software will make the network more efficient and cut costs.