OREV's Dashboard

The variety of possibilities derived from OREV Big Data via OREV's AI algorithms


S/W & H/D management


  • Actual Usage of a station/end point

  • Management of equipment overload and balancing

  • Improve the organization procurement

  • Minimize end points down time



Licenses & versions management


  • Actual licensing usage ( EXE files or Web applications )

  • Detailed S/W inventory reports of any specific s/w version

  • Fine tuning network functions due to a variety of s/w versions








  • Reports of all domains and host name requests, and their frequency

  • For each address, the report records how many times requests made in 15 min. intervals and by whom.

  • Reports the name of malware and viruses




  • Reports all connections from the local machine to every remote machine.

  • It contains the process name, Request Count, Traffic and Delay, every 15 minutes




  • A report which shows the daily / weekly / monthly statistics of intranet and internet URLs usage in all organization units by end points locations.


Powerful Online Inquiry


Allows fetching a vast amounts of specific data of all network components, hardware, software and network configurations . Based on new information or parameters, user can do a real time search for an object/event under a given rules and parameters. For Example:


  • Enables detection online cyber breach by malicious files or behaviors.

  • Enables fraud detection

  • Supports S/W pre install analysis

  • Supports communication traffic analysis

  • Enables H/W & S/W comparison between end points



Printer information


  • A report presenting information about all printers connected to each computer, from a selected list.

  • A report presenting daily / weekly / monthly statistics about activity and status of all network printers by the organization operational Units


  • Notifications Center Front End, providing OREV events as notification to recipients via back end configuration.

  • Notifications Center Back End, OREV's events as notification to recipients are supported by Back End engine & rules.

Intrusion Detection

  • Allows the online search of application components (such as processes, services, drivers etc.) over the network to determine the source of possible attacks on the corporate network.